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C4 Belts


  • $ 2999

Does Your Clothing have a Mission?

You've never worn a belt like C4 belts. Not only are they animal friendly and have a lifetime guarantee, they are completely interchangeable and come in about a zillion amazing colors to fit exactly your mood. Pick up a couple of extra C4 Buckles to go with your new belt for max creativity and style. 

Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) plastic which is the same plastic that lines snowmobile tracks. These things are tough as tough can be and at the same time comfortable. It does exactly what you want a belt to do - hold your pants up and look great!

Before you worry about what size you want, C4 Belts are completely adjustable. If it's too big, just cut off a little bit from the end that has no holes and put the buckle back on. 

Coolest part of these - you can interchange buckles and belts in all of these fantastic styles to get exactly the look you're looking for. Feeling black on black? How about hot pink? Need Blue on Silver? Can do. Swap out a buckle and you're done. 

It's completely up to your imagination and your style...


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