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Meet Penny

Meet Penny from Horse and Pony Tack

Greetings from Horse and Pony Tack!

I'm so glad I can finally say now that I'm the official Resident Horse for HPT! And until there is an official Pony speaking for the other part of our name, I will be the voice and the sampler of all things tack. I guess my humans will have to handle all the cool apparel since... you know... hooves and all that...

A bit about me? I'm a sturdy mare standing tall at 15.3 hands. (That .3 is very important!) My sire was a Clydesdale, and my dame was a beautiful American Paint Horse. They tell me that makes me an interesting blend, a mix of muscle and quick bursts of energy. Now that I am a hunter, I think I've hit my stride.

As we trial-run all of our products, the humans will report back with the results. You can read about all my favorites on our Penny's Picks page. The original plan was for me to announce the results but they gave me an Apple computer for the job and... well... it was definitely the crunchiest apple I've ever eaten!

'til next time!