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Horze Horse Play Ball

Horze Horse Play Ball


  • $ 4495

A classic toy to keep the stall-bound horse entertained.

The classic, tried and true horse toy to help relieve boredom and stress! A great toy for pasture play. Horses love to kick, chase, and roll the ball. Large attached handle makes it easy to grab. This is made from nontoxic, highly durable materials that resist punctures due to bites, stomps, or kicks. In addition, it does not need air and will not deflate.


  • Help relieve boredom and stress
  • Large attached handle
  • Made from nontoxic
  • Does not need air

Technical description:

Nontoxic rubber.

Usage instructions:

Inspect toy periodically for damage. Do not permit horse to continue to play if toy is broken or damaged. Please replace when worn.

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